Nature's Finest 

Wicked Moonrise...
Somewhere over the Rainbow...
Tide Change - Moonrise - Fireworks
4th of July Color Works....
Full Moon Shuttle Launch
Shuttle vs. Moon
Solar Eclipse
A Florida Full Moon
Moon and Fireworks
GoPro Fly Over
Parking Lot Sunset
Smurf Tubes
Magical Ocean Sunset
Golden Foam
Behind the TUBE
The Haole Owl
Sleepy OWL
Skip & Hatch
Rocket Man
Search for Food
Florida Manatee
Inside the Room.
Water Drops
Ollie looking for Chicken
Falling Lip
Whale Jump Hawaii
Breakers Blue Sky
Peanuts are Great....
Pleasure to your eyes...
Manatee Park - Bethune Beach
Fire Eater.
Florida Shrimp Boat
Lanikea Turtle
Pelly CAN
Pink Nose Dolphin...
The Entrance to Our Island...
Rainbow - Bethune Wall
Entering The Atlantic...
One step at a time...
Senses to the ocean...
A New Life...
The Last Day Launch...
Florida Summer Storms...
Shuttle in the Distance
Waikiki Shower Head
The Tip of Kaena
Sailboat at Gas Chambers
Just Cruising by...
North Shore Sunset
Ponce Inlet Jetty
Atlantic Ocean
Beached Manatees
3D Clouds
Summer Storms
On the look...
Dusk on The North Shore
Rocket Launch & Stars....
Ponce Inlet Light House

©2012 Patrick Eichstaedt​

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The Haole Owl

This was the strangest thing... This OWL just showed up on my tree outside my patio one day in December. We were on our way to go Christmas shopping and ended up chilling with the Owl for three hours....